FWF Green Machine™

CONTROL YOUR POINTS AND REWARDS ON THE GO The FWF rewards app connects you, your team, and your green actions with the GREEN MACHINE for instant access, real-time promos, and rewards redemption. Download iOS and Android demo here.


DOES REAL GOOD: MIT students using only 1 machine recycled more than 36,000 cans and bottles last school year. Fans get real time feedback on the amount of energy they have saved and they get refunds sent straight into a PayPal account, Student ID cash account or as a contribution to a local green project.

A SPONSOR’S DREAM: 15 seconds – 2 minutes is average span of interaction time with the machine. Perfect for delivering on-site brand messages and offers. And with the FWF Sponsor Activity Hub fans compete, monitor, interact, and redeem brand products and services right from their computer or mobile device.


3 Responses to FWF Green Machine™

  1. Miranda says:


    I think this is awesome! Fun way to get real time feedback. I was just wondering though-do you think this type of machine incentivizes generating more waste? Like what if people just got a keg and reused a cup from home? Wouldn’t that be less of an impact than recycling one time use bottles and cans? I know it all has to start somewhere, and I think its great that recycling is be made possible at all. I guess I just wanted to know if you have any plans to shift towards a zero-waste goal.

    Thanks for your work!!!

    • harry groome says:

      Miranda: Thanks for the post. It will be interesting to see how recycling behaviors change when there are incentives involved. Ideally reusable bottles for all is where we’d like to end up and our goal is to help fans get to zero-waste but as you say this is a start. Thanks again.

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