FWF’s fan engagement platform featured in The Guardian



by Oliver Balch



…Not all are convinced these efforts will pay off. Harry Groome, founder of the US Fans Without Footprints, says sports clubs are concentrating too much on greening their facilities and not enough on engaging fans. “Failing to engage fans on green issues and keeping the conversation in the boardrooms and boiler rooms will never move the needle on mass environmental change”, he argues.

Fans Without Footprints has developed a mobile app that allows fans from different clubs to compete over their recycling, carpooling and other environmentally friendly actions. Prizes range from discounts on team merchandise to VIP access on match days. Groome is still waiting for a club or sponsor to back the idea.

“We believe fans, like most consumers, are eager and willing to do their part”, he says. “We just need to show them how, and providing an incentive always helps.”


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