Cheeky? Sure. Douchebaggy? Probably.

Just today we were asked by a member of the Green Sports Alliance to “refrain from regularly making your FWF facebook and twitter posts be cheeky slaps at the real accomplishments of the teams/leagues/alliance as if fans are the only way to bring about change in the sports industry…”

While we acknowledge our posts of late have erred on the side of “cheeky” and some have been down right “douchebaggy” our intent is not to go negative but rather point out the broader context of sports/teams not aggressively seeking fan engagement in the name of sustainability. And we will continue to do so until the leaders of the #greensports movement embrace fan engagement programs (be it FWF or any other) with the same energy they have put against the greening of their operations.

Look, we are fans of any actions meant to green up sports and have repeatedly highlighted the truly ground-breaking efforts of the Green Sports Alliance and its members—follow the links below to see examples of this. And now we are asking that the same level of effort and commitment be focused on getting fans engaged. Because as we all know, deep down, for real change to occur we will all need to work together and involve the one group paying for all of this–the fans.

FWF is ready to talk ways to integrate fans into sustainability plans. Until then we’re happy with the role of the squeaky wheel and we will continue to be the voice of the masses–cheeks and all.

In addition to reading these posts highlighting the really great things the GSA and their members have been accomplishing please download the FWF Demo app that rewards #greensports industry insiders for learning more about organizations making a difference, sharing ideas on twitter, supporting local green projects, and interacting with #greensports leaders.

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  1. harry groome says:

    Reblogged this on HG for hire and commented:

    For those that know me it’s probably no surprise that I’ve been acting “doucebaggy” lately.

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