Bitch-slapped by a sports marketing trade group. Was it Greenism?

Are we being ostracized for creating a sponsorship program that happens to be green?

Pardon the crude vernacular, but in this instance it is quite appropriate. All we did was post a link to what we thought was a relevant, provocative and thoughtful article on a sports marketing trade group’s Facebook page, and we were taken to task by the administrator (that’s actually putting it mildly—a few switches to the backside behind the woodshed would have been less harsh). Isn’t that what social media is for—to share and exchange ideas of a relevant nature?

So we’re left with one question. Why? Were they really concerned that we were poaching their audience? Or was it Greenism?

Do people see the word green and not only glaze over but automatically take a defensive posture like the Karate Kid, preparing to ward off any suggestion of sustainability? Is green seen as a threat to the status quo? An obnoxious fad rather than a real, honest to goodness lifestyle and corporate trend?

We do know that politically it is a very polarizing topic. History tells us that people fear what they don’t understand, and there is some anecdotal evidence that perhaps sustainability is misinterpreted as a concept or entity that stands alone, as an annoying special interest group hassling people in the street with surveys, criticizing corporations and waiting to infiltrate lives like an undesirable ideology (green as the new red?)

The article in question was about green sports sponsorships, and the ironic part of this whole thing is that the main point of it was that a platform is a platform no matter what color it is—if it delivers on the objectives for a brand and drives revenue for a team, it’s a legitimate option.

So we ask you all—is greenism alive and rampant in corporate society? Are we being ostracized? How can we get teams and brands past the green barrier to pay attention to the benefits our program can provide?


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1 Response to Bitch-slapped by a sports marketing trade group. Was it Greenism?

  1. Yes greenism is alive and rampant. People are tuning out the real message because they really don’t know who to trust or what to believe anymore.

    Companies spend more on green wording on there packaging to entice consumers to purchase their products.

    Just my two cents.


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