REI—Can a Brand Encourage Its Fans to Go Green?

No surprise that popular outdoor outfitter REI is part of a panel on green supply chain strategies at next week’s Green Sports Summit in Seattle.  The retailer synonymous with high quality outdoor gear has a strong commitment to the environment and an already well-developed sustainability program to match.

What REI also has is more than 4 million members.  These are customers who have signed up to be part of the REI co-op system, and who annually receive a rebate/dividend based on their purchases and the company’s success.  That’s a pretty strong fan base, and perhaps an opportunity for a green fan-engagement program.  

 What if REI added an incentive for green behavior (more points toward their dividend, perhaps) to their member program?  Its customer/members are obviously passionate about the brand and the outdoor world/environment, and REI could strengthen this relationship while mobilizing a powerful force of 4+ million. 

Every brand has fans, and engaging them can be just as powerful as a sports team activating their fan base.  REI’s advantage is they already know who their fans are.  Perhaps through a green customer engagement program other brands can begin to accumulate info and cultivate their own community of passionate fans. 


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1 Response to REI—Can a Brand Encourage Its Fans to Go Green?

  1. Gary Barker says:

    We’re working with REI on a pilot program replacing their plastic hangers with our Ditto Paper Hangers. We’re testing them in both stores and for shipping. REI walks the walk.

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