AEG–A Top-Down Commitment to Sustainability

Great post on today about the ongoing sustainability efforts and commitment of venue mega-operator AEG Worldwide and their sustainability director, Jen Regan.  They manage 100+ venues and own a share of 10 pro teams, and they’re the second-largest event promoter.  They have made huge strides in energy and water savings as well as waste diversion and have even more aggressive goals.

One key to their success is that top-down commitment from ownership makes it a mandate throughout the organization. That’s the same type of commitment that makes AEG a perfect candidate to extend their greening efforts to the millions of fans that attend their events, root for their teams and visit their venues.

Jen was a speaker at last year’s Green Sports Summit and we look forward to her contributions again this year.

FWF Green Machine: register, recycle, rewards


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