Sustainable Operations & Sports Fans -Building a Green Bridge

Follow @fwfootprints #greensportsThe reason the sports world 
is a target of the NRDC and 
other green organizations 
is that it has the immense 
potential for influencing 
millions of fans. In previous 
posts, we’ve mentioned 
some of the well-developed 
sustainability programs that 
some professional teams and facilities have in place.  
No doubt we’ll hear more next week in Seattle at the 
Green Sports Summit being hosted by the Green Sports Alliance.

Based on the agenda, there seems to be more of an 
emphasis this year on bridging the gap between the 
behind-the-scenes green activities and engaging the fan 
base in the context of sustainability.  Specifically, we’re 
hoping this is part of the Environmental Perspectives from 
the Leagues session, and there’s a promising panel on 
Engaging and Activating Fans Around Green Initiatives 
on Game Day.

Tune in here and look for #greenfans on twitter next week 
for our observations from the Summit.  We'll be 
particularly tuned in to point out examples of 
(or opportunities for) teams, leagues and sponsors 
involving fans in their green plans.

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