Is There Green In Green?

Part One:

A lot of businesses think that going green is expensive. Sure, any strategic initiative requires investment, but the professional sports teams that have integrated sustainable business practices into their operations are already seeing an impact on their bottom line.  In fact, some have seen immediate ROI through energy conservation, operations and supply chain efficiencies and broken even within 2 years of starting their sustainability programs.

The Seattle Mariners recycle 80% of their game-day waste, keeping it out of landfills, and have reduced energy consumption and water use significantly, saving them about $500k  a year. The Philadelphia Eagles have cut their stadium’s annual energy use almost in half, diverted 3 million pounds of trash and created their own 6.5 acre urban forest.

If you’re looking to make the great green leap, a great place to start is the Green Sports Alliance.  Their mission is to help sports teams, leagues and venues enhance their environmental performance.  If you really want to hear some success stories, head to to their Green Sports Summit in Seattle in early Sept.


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