What’s FWF all about anyway?

Fans Without Footprints™ (FWF) is a green sponsorship
platform that enables teams to monetize their fan base
in the context of sustainability. FWF, a certified
B-Corporation, is a fan engagement program that unites
sponsors, teams and fans in an effort to support local
environmental projects in their community.
Teams and sponsors offer fans an incentive (special access, ticket
packages, player meet & greets, discounts, private facility tours,
etc) to encourage them to make a modest financial contribution to
FWF that gets channeled to a specific project in their community
that is working to preserve, protect or improve the environment.

FWF works with each team to identify and activate a suitable local
green project, and will also work with sponsorship sales and
marketing departments to customize the program and develop an
activation plan.  The FWF program also serves as a content platform
to provide green tips and share your other sustainability efforts
with your fans.

site: http://fanswithoutfootprints.com/
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fwfootprints
twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/fwfootprints
partner info: http://fwf-partner-presentation/

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